Refurbished Electro Arc Model 2-SE



Electro Arc AC portable metal disintegrator model 2-SE
Please note this machine must be picked up by buyer at our facility or buyer pays shipping


This Factory Refurbished model 2-SE  Electro Arc Model 2-SE Metal Disintegrator

is like-new.  The original purchasing company sold it to us after just 2 uses and we refurbished it.  You can now buy this factory refurbished metal disintegrator for a discounted price online directly with Electro Arc’s guarantee.

The model 2-S features a small tabletop and the compact portability to use it wherever you need.  Equipped with our Arc-er disintegrating head which can be used with the crossarm structure or chucked to a machine you already own like a drill press.  This machine is perfect for general purpose metal disintegration jobs.

Serial number: 14773

KVA 10

Voltage: 480 Amps



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