Considering buying used metal disintegrators?

When buying used machines you are buying “as-is” and if there is a problem you are stuck. Its a gamble.

The smartest thing to do would be to call us with the serial # and model # and get as much detailed information about the machine as possible. With a serial and model # we can usually confirm the date purchased among other information. If we have that information we can tell you the cost of replacement parts. Normally power coolant cable, pump, motor and head will have to be replaced. You will have to avoid spending more on a used machine than a new one.

Out there are machines that are old. With product improvements comes obsolesce. Since 1947 Electro Arc has manufactured the metal disintegrator and as you can imagine there has been improvements in both electrical and mechanical assemblies. Many of the old parts are no longer available. Electro Arc may offer an upgrade, substitute, or help you to select a new machine that will fit your application and budget.

Elox and Thomas metal disintegrators have been out of business for over 25 years. There are still a few of these machines around. Electro Arc offers electrodes, coolant, and “hot hoses” for these machines. Parts and service are not available. These machines are powered by 110 volt. We strongly recommend that you put your investment into something currently available on the market. ¬†Electro Arc does offer machine retro-fit for these machines but this can get pricey. Electro Arc can retro fit most metal disintegrator heads and power supplies with new Electro Arc assemblies that will save you money.


Is the machine operational?

What year was it manufactured? Are the parts replaceable?

Does it have a warranty?

Is the machine serviceable?

Is there availability of parts?

Is the performance of the machine in normal range or does it have performance limitations?

Used machine