Electro Arc is 75

Electro Arc turns 75 on May 26, 2022!  To celebrate this enormous milestone, we have some exciting things planned!  We are dedicating this page to a retrospect of Electro Arc’s milestones since its birth in 1947.  We want to invite you to celebrate with us!  If you own an Electro Arc machine, we are looking for the oldest working metal disintegrator!  We have prizes for the top 3 oldest machines!

Electro Arc manufacturing company opened in Detroit in 1947
Originally branded as "boring devices" Electro Arc machines were promoted in magazines like American Machinist.

Let's take a walk down memory lane!

Electro Arc attended many trade shows beginning with the Chicago Tool show.  We were featured at the ASTME Chicago Expo in April of 1967

Unitek was Purchased by Electro Arc in 2004

Electro Arc’s accomplishments over the last 75 years:
1942 Harold Stark patented the AC metal disintegrator
May 26, 1947 Electro Arc Manufacturing company opened in Detroit
1949 Electro Arc moves to Island across from “The Castle” in Ann Arbor
June 1964 New Carbide Impregnator is introduced
Nov 1964 Electro Arc releases new 3-S machine
Dec 1965 Electro Arc releases LBH head (now obsolete)
Feb 1966 Electro Arc’s 3-S machine is updated with coolant tank base
April 1967 Electro Arc is featured at ASTME Chicago expo
October 1966 The original Model 1-S is released (this machine is now obsolete)
August 1967 Electro Arc releases the Model 2-S
January 1968 Electro Arc Electro Arc releases the model 2-SE
September 1968 Electro Arc’s marksman EDM machine is released (this machine is now obsolete)
November 1968 Electro Arc’s power-feed is upgraded
February 1969 Electro Arc’s HK-6 model is released
October  1969 Electro Arc’s HK-6T machine is released
January 1971 Electro Arc’s HK-8T metal disintegrator is released
April 1974 Electro Arc releases the 2-DBQT model
January 1975 Electro Arc’s special crankshaft model HK-8-QT is released
February 1975 Ames Model 8 Hardness Tester released
May 1977 Ames ST model Hardness Tester is released
March 1980 Model 2-DB released
1981 Depositoron bought  Elox which was purchased by Electro Arc
1989 Electro Arc purchases Marbay
1990 Electro Arc purchases Vibr’Arc
1995 Electro Arc releases the HK-10QT metal disintegrator
June 1996 Electro Arc releases the “Quicktap” 2DBQT
May 2000 The Ames wooden case is upgraded to a high impact plastic case
2004 Electro Arc purchases Unitek
July 2019 Stillion Industries purchases Electro Arc