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You can purchase collets of any size, disintegration bags (50 pack), chuck lock nut, magnetic pick set, Electro Arc coolant, graphite electrode holders of any size, pin vice and spindle adapters online.  If you need other Electro Arc accessories, please fill out our Accessories Inquiry form or call us today to place an order.  Items are only available for purchase online for US customers at this time due to additional costs related to shipping internationally.

Now you can request a quote for Molybdenum electrodes online as well.  Please note that the electrodes are not for sale online due to the fact that the price changes on a daily basis.  Add your desired electrodes to your cart to request a quote.

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Request a quote for Molybdenum Electrodes

If you would like to purchase repair parts, graphite or copper electrodes,  or an offset electrode holder, please contact us to purchase these items.  You may also choose to submit a request if you do not want to purchase online.

Electro Arc