We make the world’s finest Metal Disintegrators.

Click the links below to browse our comprehensive selection. Both AC-action and DC-action machines run on AC power, at 50 or 60 cycles, from 110 to 600 volts.
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AC Table Model Metal Disintegrators For production-oriented facilities

AC Portable Metal Disintegrators For spot use of field operations

DC Table Model Metal Disintegrators Heavy-duty power for production oriented facilities

DC Portable Metal Disintegrators Heavy-duty power for onsite or occasional use

Special Machines Explore your options

Supplies and Accessories The right consumables and add-ons


An owner of an Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator can order a replacement manual for their specific model. Other manuals are available for a nominal charge.



What is the Spark Erosion Process?

Imagine you’re on the production line working on a large manufacturing machine. Everything seems to be running smoothly, until crack, a tap has broken off in the machine. A person…

How to Remove a Broken Tap

How to remove a broken tap quickly. Electro Arc's small portable tap removal tool is featured below. No dielectric fluid required. It is economical and convenient. Our metal disintegrators remove…

How to Remove Broken Drill Bit From Metal

Wondering the best way to remove broken drill bits from metals? Electro Arc has been providing high quality broken tap, drill, stud, and bolt removal EDM / MDM machines since…

We also make
Ames Portable Hardness Testers

These completely self-contained instruments deliver rapid hardness tests in Rockwell scales, in the shop or on the truck with
no need for batteries or electronics. Anyone can learn to use
them in minutes.
They come in 8 sizes and two configurations (standard and
superficial) to meet your quality control needs. Details on the
Ames website.