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What is the Spark Erosion Process?

Imagine you’re on the production line working on a large manufacturing machine. Everything seems to be running smoothly, until crack, a tap has broken off in the machine. A person…

How to Remove a Broken Tap

How to remove a broken tap quickly. Electro Arc's small EDM Tap removal tool is featured below. No dielectric fluid required. It is economical and convenient. Our metal disintegrators remove…

How to Remove Broken Drill Bit From Metal

Wondering the best way to remove broken drill bits from metals? Electro Arc has been providing high quality broken tap, drill, stud, and bolt removal EDM / MDM machines since…

The Many Benefits of a Spark Eroder

At Electro Arc we know that time is important to you. However, how often can you get things done faster without sacrificing quality? Not very often. This is not the…

Electrodes For Tap & Drill Disintegration

Molybdenum Electrodes Are Different These Electrodes are different and are usually less expensive. Moly electrodes have a higher melting temperature which means that it will break down or erode more…