Electro Arc

AC Portable Machines

The Electro Arc AC Portable Metal Disintegrator Lineup:

Good reasons to choose an AC portable machine:

  • Compact, movable – take the machine to the work
  • Flexible – Arc•er Head can be chucked into existing shop tools

  • AC is generally more efficient and cost-effective than DC

  • Best choice for an established maintenance or production shop

Each model is named for its size, power supply and head/support options. The example shown is Model 2-S which comes with the compact and versatile Arc•er Portable Head. The head is shown mounted in a drill press.

Features of all our AC portable machines:


• Holds the power supply, coolant system and control pane
• Heavy-duty casters for easy movement around the shop
• Levelers for stability in operation

Head Support options

• Use existing equipment such as a drill press
• Use available Electro Arc Arc-er portable head supports
like the ultra-compact Mini Mag 800-lb. fixture or
the 3000-lb. 36” Magnetic base which lets you
take advantage of the precision IQ Head.

Disintegrating Head

• Does the work of cutting into hardened metals
• Two head options available

Built-in Coolant System

• Provides coolant for the disintegration process
• Internal pump provides 90 psi coolant pressure
• Internal tank with filter

Our basic portable models like the 2-S, 2-SB and 3-S come equipped with the ARC•ER Portable Disintegrator Head. You’ll need a separate head support to use these models.

The 2-S with QT and 2-SQT come with premium “IQ”  head and their own head supports.

  • The Arc-er disintegrating head is designed to remove broken tooling from .079” to 3/4” (2 mm to 19.05 mm). Head is 12.5” (317.5 mm) long. Operates at any angle.
  • LED current monitoring assists the operator to obtain maximum performance and saves on electrode consumption.
  • The upper end has a 1/2” (12.7 mm) by 2” (50.8 mm) long straight shank arbor which can be held in a 3-point chuck.
  • The IQ precision disintegrating head provides continuous, reliable, heavy-duty service for demanding applications. Designed to remove
    taps, drills, studs from 0-80 to 1” (26 mm) in one pass.
  • Operates at any angle. LED current monitoring assists the operator to obtain maximum performance and
    saves on electrode consumption.
  • Hard chromed head body is 3-1/4”(82.5 mm) diameter, precision ground to .002” (.05 mm) runout.


  • Our basic model 2-S comes with the Arc•er Head and standard cables and hoses. Collet/ electrode storage drawer.
  • Built-in coolant tank and pump.
    Can be ordered with options for using plain water from municipal supply.

  • The model 2-SQT comes with a 20 KVA power supply and the precision IQ Head for larger diameter capability.
  • The Auto Feed unit includes Amp Sensing. Plus you get portability with the 36” column on a 3000-lb. magnetic-base fixture.
broken tap drill removal tools


  • The model 3-S is designed for low-frequency use
  • For HSS tooling removal
  • Complete basic disintegration kit includes Arc-er head,
    cables, coolant system
  • Ideal for small shops
  • Disintegrates from #4 (2.5 mm) up to 3/8”

  • Engineered to fit through circular bulkhead openings in submarines.Removes taps from #2 (2 mm) up to 1-1/4” (32 mm) in one pass.
  • 7-foot coolant/power cable. Control panel top-mounted for easy access in tight quarters.  Coolant tank and pump are built in.

Check out this comparison of AC Portable Models:

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