What makes Electro Arc Portable DC metal disintegrators the best.

Good reasons to choose an DC portable machine:

• Compact, movable – take the machine to the work
• Flexible – Arc•er Head can be chucked into existing shop tools
• DC offers more cutting power over larger diameters than AC
• Best choice for an established maintenance or production shop

Features of all our DC portable machines:


• Holds the power supply, coolant system and control panel
• Heavy-duty casters for easy movement around the shop
• Levelers for stability in operation

Disintegrating Head

• Does the work of cutting into hardened metals
• Two head options available

Head Support options

• Use existing equipment such as a drill press
• Use available Electro Arc portable head supports
like the ultra-compact Mini Mag 800-lb. fixture or
the 3000-lb. 36” Magnetic base which lets you
take advantage of the precision IQ Head.

Built-in Coolant System

• Provides coolant for the disintegration process
• Internal pump provides 90 psi coolant pressure
• Internal tank with filter

We make Portable DC models in several models based on cabinet size and included options.

Each machine is built to order.

Each model is named for its size, power supply and head/support options. The example shown is Model 2-SC with Maxi which
comes with the compact and versatile Mini Servo Portable Head. It can also be used with the full-size Servo head by using our 3000- lb. magnetic-base support shown right.

The Electro Arc Portable DC Metal Disintegrator model lineup.

NOTE: Each model comes with specific options which must be included with the original build.


Our basic model comes with the Mini DC Head and standard cables and hoses. Collet/ electrode storage drawer. Built- in coolant tank and pump. Head can be chucked into machine shop tools such as a drill press.


2-SC with 36” support

The 2-SC comes with a DC power supply and the precision Servo Head for larger diameter capability. Plus you get portability with the 36” column on a 3000-lb. magnetic-base fixture.


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2-SC with Maxi

DC power supply and the precision Mini Servo Head offer larger diameter capability. Head operations and feed are run from the cabinet control panel. Ultra-rigid Maxi Mag fixture on 800-lb permanent magnetic base with breakaway lever.


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X-1 DC Portable

Engineered to fit through small openings. Control panel top-mounted for easy access in tight quarters. Controls and cable connections recessed for protection. 7-foot coolant/power cable. Coolant must be supplied externally by the user.


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X-2 DC Portable

Comes with a compact power supply and the precision Mini DC Head.Support and coolant must be supplied externally by the user.


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Our most powerful disintegrator. Period.


Even more power than our tabletop models in a versatile package. Super-duty on-the-truck portable
with 36” magnet-base fixture. Base attaches to ferrous surfaces with 3,000 lb. (1360kg) of holding power.

Side-mounted coolant tank. 2-drawer + door tool cabinet mountedon 72” truck.


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Every model comes with its own detailed, illustrated operator manual including
electrode/collet/settings Selector Chart customized for the specific machine.