Electro Arc

DC Portable Machines

The Electro Arc DC Portable Metal Disintegrator Lineup:

Good reasons to choose a DC portable machine:

  • Compact, movable – take the machine to the work
  • DC offers more cutting power over larger diameters than AC
  •  Best choice for an established maintenance or production shop

Each machine is built to order.

 The example shown is Model 2-SC with Maxi which
comes with the compact and versatile Mini Servo Portable Head. It can also be used with the full-size Servo head by using our 3000- lb. magnetic-base support shown right

Features of all our DC portable machines:


• Holds the power supply, coolant system and control panel
• Heavy-duty casters for easy movement around the shop
• Levelers for stability in operation



Built-in Coolant System

• Provides coolant for the disintegration process
• Internal pump provides 90 psi coolant pressure
• Internal tank with filter

Disintegrating Head

• Does the work of cutting into hardened metals
• Two head options available



2-SC with 36” support

Electro Arc