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Standard Starter Set

Standard Starter Set


This starter kit includes 1 each:

Part number 1609-06 –  090 X 6-inch electrode              Part number A1504-090 – .090 Collet
Part number  1611-06  – .110 X 6 inch electrode            Part number A1504-110 – .110 Collet
Part number  1613-06  – .125 X 6 inch electrode            Part number A1504-125 – .125 Collet
Part number  1615-06  – .156 X 6 inch electrode            Part number A1504-156 – .156 Collet
Part number  1619-06  – .187 X 6 inch electrode            Part number A1504-187 – .187 Collet
Part number  1620-06  – .200 X 6 inch electrode            Part number A1504-200 – .200 Collet


Starter sets are sold with new machines to provide you with a variety of electrode sizes with collets to get started using your machine.  We are now offering starter sets for sale independently for users who may not know what size electrodes they needed who would like to purchase an electrode kit.   These electrodes are provided in inches, please see our metric set for the metric starter kit.

lead time for the sets is stock to two weeks


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