Are Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan?

The Michigan Manufacturing Association started the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan contest in 2018 to recognize innovative products from the manufacturing industry.  They assist these Michigan-made products in gaining exposure.  Electro Arc metal disintegrators were nominated in 2020 but did not make it to the second round.  This year, We were nominated again and made it to the second round, although we did not advance to the top 3.

Thank you to those of you who took advantage of the opportunity to vote online for Electro Arc metal disintegrators.  Round two voting ended on October 7, 2022, on National Manufacturing Day.  You may be aware that Electro Arc is celebrating 75 years of manufacturing our Electro Arc metal disintegrators and they have always been hand-made right here in Michigan!

Why should you vote for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators?

Many people have never heard of a metal disintegrator before.  Unless you have had problems with broken bolts, drills, and taps you may have never needed one.  These machines were designed to disintegrate broken tooling while saving the part it is broken in which makes it a valuable asset across industries!  Originally developed to remove broken bolts from aircraft parts, these metal disintegrating machines are now made in over 40 models.  Our popular model 2-S metal disintegrator is perfect for small shops with a disintegrating head that chucks up to a drill press or lathe to allow you to disintegrate using existing machine tools.  Our heavy-duty Bolt Eater removes large bolts and carbide buttons in the oil and gas industry and more.

10 Reasons Electro Arc is the Coolest thing Made in Michigan

  • Every Metal Disintegrator is hand built in Dexter, Michigan
  • Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators remove broken tooling in minutes!
  • Our machines are built to last, we recently found a customer that has been using a machine over 60 years old!
  • We make over 40 models to choose from
  • Our DC models disintegrate carbide
  • You choose the power – we build the machine to match your building’s power
  • Disintegrating heads designed for continuous use – you can run these machines for 24 hours at a time if necessary
  • Metal disintegrator construction designed for heavy-duty use
  • We provide you with options for every application
  • We provide support for the life of the machine