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Electro Arc Bolt Eater Portable Metal Disintegrator

Electro Arc Bolt Eater

The Bolt Eater is designed for large bolt removal, it cuts HSS, carbide tooling, and drill bits fast!  You can remove 1/2 inch and larger bolts and tools with this metal disintegrator.  This portable machine makes it easy to take everything you need to the job site for quick repairs.  Equipped with the servo disintegrating head with a full-function remote control, you can concentrate on disintegration.

Originally manufactured by Uni-Tek (model 1025) the Bolt Eater was featured in a Sci-tech Engineering Services article for its use in the removal of seized clevis pins on an oil rigger.  Using the bolt eater metal disintegrator allowed them to become operational again within a day.  This is the go-to disintegration machine for difficult cutting jobs and extracting jobs.

 Electro Arc purchased Uni-Tek in 2004.  Adding DC machines to our line of over 40 metal disintegrating machines. The Bolt Eater is a portable machine that removes the largest bolts including turbine bolts, studs and cuts holes in steel faster than any other metal disintegrating machine available.  You can extract a 3 inch stud at 6 inch depth in approximately 3 hours with the Bolt Eater.  This machine is perfect for steam/power generation machinery, extracting cutting tips from drill heads, pulp and paper industry applications, difficult cutting jobs in the steel industry, cutting large components, and extracting huge bolts from off-road equipment.  See some applications below.

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