Electro Arc Carbide Impregnator

Did you know that Electro Arc Celebrated 75 years in business in May 2022?  

Electro Arc company harnessed the immense power of the spark creating a handheld machine operating like a magic wand to increase the life of cutting tools as much as eight times.  For years carbide inserts have provided durable cutting edges for heavy-duty tools, increasing their wear life as much as ten times.  Do-it-yourself carbide was a luxury not provided before the Carbide Impregnators.

Like a pencil with a giant eraser, the hand-held impregnator head delivers direct current through its “impregnatrode”.  Moving 120 times per second it arc welds a path of tungsten carbide adding a .0003 inch layer each pass. 

Electro Arc introduced the F-5 Carbide impregnator in 1964.  This machine was featured in  Machinery magazine in 1971, this broaching instrument assisted clients in prolonging the life of their drills.  This machine has since been discontinued from production by Electro Arc.  We do, however still provide repair services for companies who still own and use these machines.

Do you own an Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator?  Enter it in our Oldest working machine contest!

Electro Arc
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