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Electro Arc Model 2-S metal disintegrator

Electro Arc Model 2-S

Electro Arc released the Model 2-S metal disintegrator in August of 1967.  This portable disintegrator for removing taps and drills is still one of our most popular machines.

The Model 2-S is lightweight and moves easily with its 4 heavy-weight casters.  Originally equipped with the LBH head,  which was upgraded to the Arc-er Head in 1998.  Operate the Arc-er head at any angle, its precision-ground, bearing-mounted shaft increases rigidity and gives better electrode wear by reducing vibration.  This simplified construction ensures minimal maintenance. 

Chuck the Arc-er disintegrating head to any convenient holding device in your shop such as a drill press!

This machine was one of the first models to feature the pull-out coolant tank, which is now standard.  The pull-out coolant tank is designed for easy cleaning and has a replaceable intake filter.

This machine will disintegrate any and all metals or materials that are capable of conducting an electric current.

The transformer is 110V AC current with KVA rating of 2 on a steady load and 10 on intermittent overload.  From the secondary transformer, tap off is provided to 75VA AC transformer, and then through a rectifier, which gives 12V at 1/2 wave pulsating DC current to the disintegrating head, working 60 times per second.  The head is so manufactured that contact through a downward acting Solenoid is made on the positive peak of the Sine wave, which ensures maximum burning power.  Tapped primary transformer gives 5 voltages – 2 1/2, 5. 8. 12 and 15 volts.  This voltage is controlled by an Ohmite power tap switch.  The lead off from the secondary transformer is carried to the work through a water filled rubber covered copper cable.  The pump motor and the burning curcut are both controlled by the quick lag circuit breaker switch which also acts as a service switch and protects the machine against damage from overloading.  The built in water tank is enclosed and has an approximate capacity of 5 gallons, powered by a 1/4 hp 110V AC motor connected to a bronze geared pump of 99 gallons per hour at 100# of pressure with no head.

This machine has an upgrade option to 220V transformer.

Under ordinary satisfactory operating conditions, this machine will disintegrate up to 1/4 inch diameter broken drills or taps of 1-inch diameter depth in less than 3 minutes.  Larger sizes and in proportion to the above disintegrating speed.  Slotting as small as .015 inch can be successfully accomplished with the solid type electrode.  Any size or shape hole can be disintegrated with either hollow or solid electrodes.

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You can purchase the  2-S Portable Metal disintegrator with 110 or 220 volts, 2 1/2 KVA rating  or 220, 440 or 550 volt 10 KVA rating.  The 2 1/2 KVA power transformer has 5 cutting heats while the 10 KVA power transfer has 8.

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