Professionals use Metal Disintegrators to Remove Broken Bolts

Which Professionals Use Metal Disintegrators?

Machinists: Machinists use metal disintegrators to remove broken bolts, studs, and other components from machinery and other equipment.  This is a popular service to offer customers considering the time commitment to remove a broken bolt or other tooling using traditional methods usually takes hours if not days and may further damage the part.  Many customers try a product like “Easy-Out” and end up with an even bigger broken bolt problem when it doesn’t work.

Specialty Equipment Mechanics and technicians

Mechanics and shop techs use metal disintegrators to repair and maintain large equipment and off-road vehicles. 

 Applications range from removing broken taps and drills in engine blocks, heads, and power trains to removing broken tooling such as broken 10MM (3/8″) exhaust manifold studs which can be disintegrated in three and a half minutes.

You can use Electro Arc portable metal disintegrator units such as the Model 2-SQT  to remove broken taps and bolts in hard-to-reach places or extremely large castings like the arms of bulldozers or radiator housings on the D10.

Industrial Maintenance

Maintenance Technicians: Maintenance technicians use metal disintegrators to quickly remove broken components from critical systems such as power plants, aerospace equipment, and military equipment.

Remove rusted bolts, remove large bolts quickly without damage to the machinery, and remove bent and frozen bolts in energy and oil industrial applications.  Maintain power equipment with rapid repairs on power lines and wind turbines.

Use our model 2-SB to repair ships and submarines.  This model is specially designed to fit through the circular bulkhead of a submarine or shop to perform maintenance.  This machine can be built to run on water allowing you to use ths compact design for emergency repairs virtually anywhere on your craft.

Engineers: Engineers use metal disintegrators to perform research and development on new materials and components.

Gunsmiths: Gunsmiths use metal disintegrators to remove damaged or seized components from firearms.

Automotive Production and Repair

Maintaining costly equipment in automotive production is quicker if you have broken tooling causing a downed assembly line.  Keep your equipment running at optimal uptimes with an Electro Arc metal disintegrator.

Automotive Technicians: Automotive technicians use metal disintegrators to remove broken bolts, studs, and other components from automotive components like alternators, engine blocks, starter bolts, and cylinder heads.