Ames Portable Hardness Testers

Learn More About Testing Thin Material With a Superficial Tetster:

Electro Arc purchased the Ames Portable Hardness Tester line in 1975. The Ames Precision Machine Works no longer exists as a separate company, the product line continues to be manufactured under the Electro Arc name. Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc in 2019 and is now the parent company of both the Electro Arc and Ames product lines.

Stillion Industries continues to manufacture and calibrate Ames hardness testers. If you would like to purchase a new hardness tester, please visit the Ames website for more information. The Electro Arc website is dedicated to Electro Arc metal disintegrators. This article is designed to send you to the appropriate website for Ames testers. You can purchase Ames testers and accessories through the website, or you can contact Electro Arc to place an order. You can also send in your tester to be calibrated or repaired by our technician.


Here's a Look at the Capacity of Ames Testers:

The Ames product line consists of Standard and Superficial Hardness testers.  All Ames hardness testers are machined by Stillion Industries in Dexter Michigan.  We make 8 models of standard testers and 5 models of superficial testers, including the tube tester the model 1-ST.  98% of the components for Ames testers are made onsite at our facility.  Every tester is hand-assembled and calibrated prior to sale.  For this reason, there may be a delay when you order a new tester if we do not have that model hardness tester in stock.

Does Your Ames Tester Need Calibration?