What KVA do I need?

If you are considering a metal disintegrator purchase, you have a lot of choices to make regarding which machine is best for your application.  Electro Arc manufactures over 40 models of metal disintegrators.  You will want to choose between a portable or tabletop model.  Portable models are great for disintegrating on large parts. You can choose an  AC or DC model.    If you are choosing the AC option you will also need to decide what KVA you want your machine to be.  Your KVA choice will determine how large a diameter you can disintegrate.  Below is a guide to help you choose the correct KVA for your application:

As you can see, choosing your KVA has everything to do with the disintegration you are planning for.  If you will only be disintegrating under 3/8″ taps and drills, a 3 KVA model will work out for you.   One of our most popular portable models is the model 2-S which is available with the 3, 10, or 15 KVA option.   The model 3-S  is only available in the 3 KVA option.  This model is ideal for infrequent use.  If you are interested in our smallest tabletop, the 2-SE offers the same KVA options.

If you will need to disintegrate up to 5/8″ studs and bolts, you will want to go with the 10 KVA option for your AC metal disintegrator.   The portable model 2-SQT offers you the option of 10, 15, or 20 KVA.  The 2-SA series offers a larger tabletop size and the option of 10 or 15 KVA.

Disintegrate up to 1 1/4″ taps and drills with a 15 KVA metal disintegrator. 

Only choose the 20 KVA option if you will be disintegrating studs and bolts which are 1″ and larger.

Each machine is built to match your bbuilding power, you must specify 208, 240, 380, 480 or 550  at the time of order.

Choose a DC machine if you will be disintegrating carbide.  The power input choices for a DC machine are 30 AMP 110-600.  All Electro Arc metal disintegrators are single input voltage.