Electro Arc

Electro Arc Arc-er Head

The Arc-er Head was introduced in 1998

The Arc-er Head was introduced as an upgrade to the LBH head.  This head has all the great features of the LBH head with a built in LED current meter.

Purchase a New Arc-er Head

Refurbish your old Head

To submit a request to Refurbish your Arc-er Head, please download the RMA form above, and fill in the form below, you can submit the completed RMA form and your PO through the form.  Please include it in your shipment if you do not submit the form.  Please make sure the contact information on the RMA form gives us information to contact you, so we can get your refurbished head to you as soon as possible. Please note that you are responsible for all shipping charges.

Send your Arc-er head to:

Stillion Industries 
ATTN: Electro Arc Repair department
2055 Lima Center Road
Dexter, MI 48130

Use the Arc-er Head with Your Machine Tools:

The Arc-er Disintegrating head can be Chucked up to your machine tools like a drill press and CNC machine.  If you have a portable AC metal disintegrator you will need to use one of these configurations if you do not have a fixture to use your Arc-er head with.  See below for more information on fixtures for your Electro Arc machine.

Electro Arc Fixture options

Electro Arc