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Table Top AC Machines

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Electro Arc tabletop AC metal disintegrator Series lineup:

Good reasons to choose an AC tabletop machine:

• Holds the work firmly in place
• Everything needed is built-in, in one place, ready to go
• AC is generally more efficient and cost-effective than DC
• Best choice for an established maintenance or production shop

We make 20 Tabletop models in 5 series
based on worktop/cabinet size.

Each machine is built to order.
Each series includes four models, each named for
its table size, head, superstructure and feed system.
The example shown is Model 2-DVQT.

2 for the table size
DV for the dual/vertical crossarms
Q for the IQ head
T for the Auto Feed unit

If it had an Arc•er Head
it would be a 2-DVT.
A Single Crossarm
would make it a 2-SAT.
You get the idea.

Each Series is represented by one model. Start by selecting a table top large enough to handle your biggest work piece.

All tabletop models have a Lift Rack except where noted

Model 2-Set

Model 2-SA

Model 2-DVQT

Model 1-SVQT

Model HK-6VQ

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