The Bolt Eater is your Solution for Big Broken Bolt Problems

When you have large broken bolts or seized bolts (1/2 inch or larger) you may have tried solutions like drilling, torching, and air arcing which have been commonly used to remove these large fasteners.  The Bolt Eater offers you a faster and easier option.

Torching and air arcing will only take out the center of the bolt. After the center is burned out, you still have to dig out the material left behind with a hammer and punches. This process is time-consuming and the chances of destroying the threads are very high. Open flames and heat can be dangerous. Other problems with these methods can be material related, including the material composition and work-hardened materials. 

See the Bolt Eater in action:

Disintegration is a safer solution to remove large broken bolts. It is fast, efficient, and safe.  The Bolt Eater is the most powerful machine that Electro Arc manufactures.  This machine was specifically developed for service work in heavy-duty applications. With 50 years of experience in removing large broken bolts, the Bolt Eater is a top-of-the-line machine. Used for years in applications such as Oil and Gas Refineries, Pulp and Paper facilities, Fossil / Nuclear Facilities, and offshore rigs this is your solution for tough jobs.

This model is chosen by companies because it combines power, speed, accuracy,  and ease of use, with portability.  The Bolt Eater was used in portable applications for bolt removal in Nuclear Generating Stations and corrective machining on Space Shuttle engine components.

Using fully rectified D.C. cutting power. provides more efficient cutting through the use of polarity as an aid in metal removal. D.C. also allows 120 cutting strokes per second. This means faster metal removal, lower power consumption, and greater accuracy through more effective arc control.

Heavy Duty Power for Heavy Duty Jobs

To get the most out of your Bolt Eater, you will want to do some planning to make sure you get the correct size electrodes for your job.  Graphite electrodes are recommended for disintegrating Steel, Chrome, Molybdenum, and Vanadium Alloy Turbine bolts.  With Shaped electrodes, you can disintegrate into your bolt and use a breaker bar or ratchet to back out the broken bolt.  c) When bolts are too large to be taken out in a single pass you can use round electrodes in multiple passes. The bolts can be disintegrated into halves or smaller sections for removal. By collapsing them into the middle, you can remove them with no damage to the thread.

The Model 1025 was specifically designed for fast, heavy cutting and will sink a one-inch diameter graphite electrode 4 inches deep in under 20 minutes in standard metals. Cutting time to 4” deep in Chrome, Moly Vanadium Alloy turbine bolts in 38 minutes using 1” O.D., 1/8” wall Graphite tubing.