How Electro Arc’s Metal Disintegrators Compare to Other Small Portable Tap Removers

Electro Arc manufactures a full line of metal disintegrators both large and small, portables, table tops, AC and DC power supplies, and custom configurations to fit every application. Our AC power supply is ideally suited for hardened materials such as high-speed tooling. The DC power supply is superior at removing carbide tooling.  We have multiple power supplies for removing taps as small as 0-80, and up to bolts/studs over 4” diameter in one pass. Our disintegrators are 10 times faster than other disintegrator manufacturers and are easy to operate.

You will find any of our small portable tap removers are far superior to the competitor.  Our machines are built to last!

AC Table Model Metal Disintegrators For production-oriented facilities

AC Portable Metal Disintegrators For spot use of field operations

DC Table Model Metal Disintegrators Heavy-duty power for production-oriented facilities

DC Portable Metal Disintegrators Heavy-duty power for onsite or occasional use

Special Machines Explore your options

Supplies and Accessories The right consumables and add-ons

We can remove any type of metallic tooling, such as carbide or hardened steels, or any conductive metal part. Each of our metal disintegrators can use large-diameter electrodes. Our molybdenum (moly) electrodes have a higher melting point, which means you use less of an electrode in the process.

Our disintegrators come with everything you need to operate the machine including a coolant tank, pump, and motor plus free starter set of electrodes and collets. We offer portable magnetic base fixtures that use powerful permanent magnets for secure holding power.

All machines (including tabletop models) are built with cabinet-mounted wheels, handles, and/or usually lift eye rings for easy portability. To optimize portability, Electro Arc has put our disintegrators on heavy-duty trolleys. Everything you need goes with you in one convenient, easy-to-move cart, this includes a power supply, coolant tank, magnetic fixture, remote control, and lockable toolbox for storing electrodes and accessories for everything the operator will need on the job.

We offer multiple disintegrating heads available from small portable to larger heavy-duty heads with auto feed, servo feed, and manual feed options. Our disintegrating heads have been designed to handle the smallest and largest electrode. Our “in the quill head” or IQ delivers the precision and performance needed for small tap extraction to large turbine bolt removal. The Electro Arc head assembly is servo motor driven, hard-chrome finished quill and precision ground rack-and-pinion system. The Quill rides on the precision-honed bronze bushing, keeping .002” TOR tolerance. This provides smooth, positive, and accurate head feed. This is an exceptionally robust and accurate system that will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service. All our disintegrating heads can operate in any direction, including inverted or horizontal. All of our disintegrators come with a complete coolant system including a pump and motor and there is no need for a separate bath. Our disintegrators do not use an EDM dielectric fluid.

No need to submerse a part in dielectric fluid. Coolant is pumped through the head, and electrode directly to the point of disintegration, preventing heat distortion of your part, and also flushes disintegrated particles, which maximizes efficiency. We are the preeminent manufacturer of metal disintegrators. We have been building and designing easy-to-use, operator-friendly machines longer than any manufacturer in the world. All our machines are simple to operate, including easy to read current monitor/ammeter and no other gauges that need to be monitored.

Our disintegrators do not require an experienced operator. A competitor’s machine has warning indicators, pressure gauges, and several adjustments for the operator during and after the disintegrating process that are unnecessary and make operation more complex. Electro Arc has taken all these unnecessary problems and engineered the disintegrator to be worry-free. All our machines are high quality manufactured with warranties.

We have the ability to custom engineer machines for special purposes. Machines can be built to operate on nearly any input voltage. Machines can be CE or CSA-certified. Readily available parts and service to keep your machine operating for many years. Experienced staff provides the best-recommended solution and service for your individual needs.

All new machines include a minimum 1-year warranty. We do not use pneumatically (air) driven disintegrating heads, nor a mechanical swivel joint. Air is compressible and because air is compressible, it does not provide the kind of direct, mechanically positive characteristics of an electro-mechanical system. Therefore, the pneumatic system is prone to variations in either air pressure or coolant pressure. These variations in pressure cause the head movement to be erratic and choppy with less precision. Pneumatic systems are also prone to corrosion and other problems due to ingress of foreign particles and moisture. Electro Arc’s electro-mechanical system has none of these problems or exposures. We have an optional remote control with a start/stop or a remote that has all the machine controls. The operator should not have to fiddle around with adjustments to efficiently run the disintegrator.

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We also have fixtures including a 3,000-pound permanent magnetic base which secures our rigid column and cross-arm. These hard chromed steel slides offer years of trouble-free service and there are no mechanical adjustments to make. One of our competitors uses an adjustable coolant pump with an alarm that alerts the operator if coolant pressure becomes dangerously high. The alarm gives the operator a chance to make pump adjustments before system failure. Electro Arc uses a factory-set pressure regulator, thereby eliminating the possibility of operator error with respect to the coolant pressure. Electro Arc (EA) machines do have an indicator light alerting the operator to any potential low coolant level.

A competitor’s machine has 8 axes of movement. Electro Arc’s machines has 7 axes of movement. Electro Arc’s machine positioning capability within the machine’s working envelope is identical to that of our competitor. Therefore, 8 machine movements are superfluous – adding the additional movement to machine complexity offers no functional reason, with more that can go wrong. We very much appreciate your consideration, and again, we believe that a thoughtful comparison of the disintegrators demonstrates that Electro Arc provides more value.