Black VS clear Splash bags for your metal disintegrator

What is a splash bag?

Electro Arc metal disintegrators use a thick clear or black “splash bag” to contain the coolant which is continually running through your Electro Arc metal disintegrator and the sparks metal disintegration process creates.  This plastic bag is custom made to fit the area between the head of your metal disintegrator and the item you are disintegrating.  Splash bags contain the coolant and shield the operator from sparks during the metal disintegration process.  A splash bag is attached to the metal disintegrator head to cover the area you are disintegrating.

Electro Arc metal disintegrator set up with a black splash bag

The advantage to using a clear splash bag is that you can see the metal disintegration process, but this also means looking into the arc weld sparks produced during metal disintegration.  However, as you are operating your Electro Arc metal disintegrator, your attention will be on the power controls and auto-feed functions so it is unlikely you will be looking directly at the metal harmful arc welding sparks anyway.  The sound of your metal disintegrator will clearly indicate to you the progress that you are making with the disintegration job you are conducting and the process is quick, so there is no reason to be staring into potential eye harming arc sparks. Please note that we do not have clear splash bags available for purchase.

As weldors know, eye protection is required during the welding process because the infrared light can cause permanent damage to your eyes and lead to cataracts. The advantage to Electro Arc metal disintegrators is they do not require welding experience to operate.  Anyone can learn to set up and use an Electro Arc metal disintegrator. Black splash bags provide protection for your eyes and eliminate the potential hazard to your eyes.  We prefer the black splash bags here at Stillion Industries.

How many splash bags do I need?

If you are conducting regular metal disintegrating jobs with your Electro Arc metal disintegrator, you will likely use a lot of splash bags.  You will need to use a splash bag each time you use the disintegrator.  The good news is we sell them in packs of 50! 

Do I have to use splash bags?

We highly recommend that you use splash bags to ensure the safety of the operator of your Electro Arc metal disintegrator.