The Many Benefits of a Spark Eroder

At Electro Arc we know that time is important to you. However, how often can you get things done faster without sacrificing quality? Not very often. This is not the case here. We have been providing the world with the highest quality EDM portable and table top machines since 1947. The benefits of using our metal disintegrators are numerous.

  • SAVE TIME– Broken taps, drills, and bolts can be removed in seconds. This doesn’t have to be a long process using a cheap machine that may even not get the job done. Other technology can take up to hours to get done.
  • SAVE MONEY – Our technology allows you to not damage expensive parts that can be destroyed using a cheap disintegrator or spark erosion machine.
  • QUALITY – Looking for a used machine? Used machines will not be as efficient. Can you take that risk? Our machines have proven to be faster, more efficient, and the most cost effective method to remove broken tools, studs, taps, bolts, drills or fasteners. These machines leave the hole intact which will minimize damage to expensive parts.

We have both DC and AC machines. Our tap disintegrators work well with all hardened metals like High Speed steel tooling. Our DC machines are great for Carbides and soft cast metals. Ta

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The Many Benefits of a Spark Eroder

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