Rivet Removal Using Broken Tap Remover

Using A Broken Tap Remover On A Rivet

Did you know that you can use Electro Arc tap removers to remove broken rivets?  You can see a demonstration of our Bolt Eater machine removing a rivet in the above YouTube video.  Electro Arc began offering the Bolt Eater(TM) in 2004 when we expanded our metal disintegrator line to include DC machines.  You can use our metal disintegrating machines to remove broken bolts, screws, dowels, rivets, taps and so much more!

You can view more videos on our Youtube channel. Please reach out here for additional information or if you have any questions on our machines. Below is a transcript of the above video.

Hello welcome to Electro Arc today we’re going to be removing an aluminum rivet using a portable DC metal disintegrator.  We are taking the time to put a rivet into a vise using a demonstration fixture we have here with our portable colony cross-arm to simulate a larger part in a demonstration like this.  So to begin a process we’re going to drop a splash bag and only remove the cap of the rivet. Now with the drop bag in place we can now turn on our metal disintegrator and disentegrate the cap on the rivet. The servo head is taking over the burning process. I think we’re through the cap now so we can raise our splash bag and see if our cap is loose. The cap is loose and actually pops right off in my hand.  Aftter removing the cap of our aluminum rivet we then inverted it in our demonstration assembly and now we are going to disintegrate the depth of the threads I begin the process the same way lower my Splash bag and turn on my disintegrator.

How to remove a broken tap with our metal disintegration technology.

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