What’s the difference between the LBH head and Arcer Disintegrating Head?

In November of 1966, Electro Arc announced the LBH head. A new fast-cutting disintegrator head for removing broken drills and taps. The model LBH disintegrating head incorporated a bearing-mounted, hardened shaft that increases cutting speed by providing extra rigidity. Simple construction reduced the amount of maintenance this head would need to the bare minimum. This head provided you with the option of disintegrating at any angle. You could disintegrate with electrodes from .010 up. At the time, this head was standard for Electro Arc metal disintegrators including the 3-S and 1-S.

The LBH head on portable disintegrator holding fixture

The LBH head is now obsolete. In September of 1998, Electro Arc released its replacement the Arc-er head. Now standard on a number of our portable and tabletop machines, the Arc-er head can also be used in a number of machine configurations. This upgraded head features a current monitor for ease of use. This feature allows you to easily determine when to adjust your disintegration.

The Arc-er head was introduced in 1998

Disintegrating head applications allow you to easily use the Arc-er head with a number of our metal disintegrators. Check out the configurations for your Arc-er head below. You can use the Arc-er Head with a number of machines in your shop. You can also use the Arc-er head directly on your workpiece. We also offer magnetic fixtures for use with your Arc-er disintegrating head.