How to Remove Broken Drill Bit From Metal

Are you wondering what the best way to remove broken drill bits from metals is? Electro Arc has been providing high-quality broken tap, drill, stud, and bolt removal EDM / MDM machines since 1947. Our technology safely removes the broken drill in seconds without causing any damage to your part. Our spark erosion and metal disintegration technology can save you thousands of dollars by not causing damage to expensive parts. Please, take a moment to review how our spark eroders work.

Examples of disintegration with an Electro Arc metal disintegrator

Get the Job Done Right with Electro Arc

Our unique process disintegrates only the center out of a broken tap or drill leaving the threads intact. You can use this process to cut square or round shapes to back out studs or bolts or remove large studs by a series of cuts, emboss identification on rolls of steel, bore holes and counterbore. We can help you reclaim expensive parts, provide immediate repairs on all types of equipment, and eliminate production overruns and late deliveries.

edm tap removalCheck out our 2-S with QT Metal Disintegrator for removing broken drills.

  • Unlimited disintegration potential in a compact, versatile package
  • For HSS tooling removal
  • Remove taps, drills, studs from 0-80 to 2″ (24.5 mm) in one pass
  • Maxi fixture provides ultra-rigid support for absolute positioning

Are you Having Issues with Your Broken Bolt Remover?

We have compiled a series of troubleshooting videos of common issues you may encounter with our metal disintegrators. Our metal disintegrators are sold with a one-year warranty. Please contact our service department if you have issues with your machine. Each machine includes a manual giving you instructions for machine use.

We provide machine repairs and support and you can always purchase a new manual for your machine.

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